About Us

About Linked Systems

Linked Systems is an innovative Saudi-Egyptian software company, Legally founded in 2017 in Alexandria, Egypt.
Aiming to revolutionize the way we deal with technology As a team of inventive developers, we develop our own products and services with the latest mobile and web technologies..
  • We operate primary on Saudi Arabia market
  • Experienced management team and outstanding resources
  • In-depth understanding of customer and market needs
  • Proven Performance


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Developing software solutions and services that are used as leverage to improve our business as well as our clients, domestically and globally.


Using our skills, expertise to develop software solutions and services that leaves a considerable impact globally.


We implement all mobile applications for Android such as Samsung and other smart phones

Our Team

We have highly qualified developers, designers, consultants and a management team that is responsive to your needs.

Web Hosting

Your first step in starting your business online, we have everything you want and prices that suit all budgets from small to medium


provides technical support to its customers and aims to reach the highest possible efficiency

Project Managment

With an established project management culture, LinkedSystems has achieved 100% project delivery owing to:
  • ability to work with both detailed and vague project scope
  • realistic estimation and, thus, staying within budget during implementation
  • effective resource allocation to lessen risks
  • being able to apply various software development methodologies
  • ensuring smooth communication with the Customer and 3rd parties
  • all-round Quality Assurance to guarantee that the application runs as intended